Water Treatment (from Ridder)

Horticulture and water are inseparable, but just as no plant can do without water for a day, no grower can do without the automated systems that adjust the amount of water and fertilizers applied in perfect proportion to the needs of the crop. However, good quality of water for irrigation and fertilizers is becoming ever harder to come by. And as a result of globalization and upsizing, it is increasingly becoming a challenge to ensure that water and fertilizers are dosed accurately, efficiently and sustainably.

Ridder has developed a complete range of water management solutions to meet these challenges. Thanks to these systems, you can provide precisely the right amount of irrigation water and fertilizers, and save on labour costs. And by using our smart water treatment systems, not only can you use water and fertilizers more efficiently, but you can also help to reduce the environmental burden on our planet and smartly reuse water. Ridder’s water treatment systems can bring responsible, efficient water management to your greenhouse.

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