Labor Tracking Systems (from Ridder)

In order to be successful in today’s market, growers need to be more and more proactive across a wider range of processes. As entrepreneurs, growers are constantly facing new challenges that require more insight into their own business processes and organizational structure. Increasingly, for example, the government, consumers and business partners are applying stricter requirements in relation to end products. It is also becoming more difficult to find and retain motivated, well-trained employees. All this means that growers need support systems to help them make the right decisions – and just as importantly, to know why they are making them.

In partnership with end users, Ridder has developed versatile tracking and management systems that convert your data into improved insight and control. They enable you to motivate your employees, make changes and adjustments where necessary and save on labor costs. In addition to improving performance, our systems provide insight into quality and crop production, enabling you to monitor and optimize work processes based on business-process analytics. Ridder’s management and tracking systems will enable you to maximize the overall viability of your greenhouse or horticultural operation – on a permanent basis.

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