Together with our global partners and years of experience we provide high-end yet sustainable solutions to create opportunities to produce Clean, Fresh and Healthy food under different climatic conditions in the Horticultural Industry.

By using sustainable and innovative technologies, we ensure that the available resources such as energy, fertilizers and water are used as efficiently so as to save water, optimize space and increase yield. Our complete range of efficient, integrated solutions can be applied in every horticultural business.

We primarily offer solutions in the areas of Climate & Energy Management, Water Management, Analysis & Data Management and Production & System Integration.

Soilless Farming
Drive Systems (from Ridder)
Accurate control over the climate in your greenhouse
Climate Screens (from Ridder)
The perfect amount of light at the right time, and precisely the right temperature
Climate Control (from Ridder)
Maximizing your crop yields by creating the perfect growing conditions
Water Treatment Systems (from Ridder)
Provide precisely the right amount of irrigation water and fertilizers, and save on labor costs
Labor Tracking Systems (from Ridder)
Convert your data into improved insights and control
Greenhouse Structures
Structures as per your crops, location or budget

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