History & Legacy
1996: Optical Disc Manufacturing Systems, ODME BV establishes ODME India Liaison
  office at New Delhi
1997: Reverse takeover of Toolex Alpha AB by ODME BV results in Toolex Near East
2001: Optical Disc Manufacturing Equipment ODME BV (OTB Group)combines
  Near East, Middle East & Africa regions, ODME Near East, Middle East & Afric
is formed
2004: VDL groep BV takes over ODME with new name VDL ODMS. Office at New Delhi
  becomes VDL- ODMS Near East, Middle East & Africa
2006: Management buyout of VDL Groep assets in India by core team of employees to
  establish Blistech in New Delhi
2011: Blistech International moves to new office in Gurgaon