Turnkey Module Lines

In a turnkey module line solar cells are assembled to solar modules. Depending on the level of automation, Schmid offers three concepts: basic and standard for
semi-automatic production and premium for fully automatic production. Our project management offers support during the project phase and with module certification
according to IEC and UL standards

Basic module production line  30 MW and 60 MW



Key Benefits
  • Semi-automatic module production line
  • Simple upgrade from 30 MW to 60 MW on almost identical footprint of the production line
  • Suitable for all current module sizes
Standard module production line 60 MW



Key Benefits
  • Automated module production line
  • Highly productive manufacturing equipment
  • Low personnel requirement
Fully Automated Standard module production line 60 MW to 120 MW



Key Benefits
  • Fully automated module production line for high throughput rates
  • State-of-the-art, highly efficient production equipment
  • Low personnel requirement for process monitoring and quality control