Tabber & Stringer / Tester

At the end of 90s, Electricidad Gorosabel S.L. created the specific division for applications in renewable energies, focusing on solar energy, photovoltaic and thermal. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and the infrastructures of Gorosabel Group, Gorosabel Solar Energy offers Measuring equipment, Soldering equipment and complete solution for PV and thermal module manufacturing. READ MORE

Tabber & Stringer
Production capacities of 700 cells/ hour , 1300 cells/hour, 1800 cells/hour. Available in auto and standalone configuration. Equipped with vision camera that tests breakages and bus bar position
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Layup Systems
LU Lay-Up family unloads the strings from the flip-over units of the soldering machine automatically by a robot, it does an inspection by artificial vision system and places the strings directly on the glass.
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Testing & Sorting
Available in 1200 cells/hour and 2000 cells/ hour. Equipped with Solar Simulator QuickSun-120CA of Endeas creates AAA class light source. Configurable sorting as per criteria.

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