Process Support - Cell Engineering

Whether you are a manufacturer of solar cells, a supplier of solar cell production equipment, or a new company targeting business opportunities in the expanding
Photovoltaic market, our team of outstanding experts in Solar cell physics and engineering will support you to achieve the most out of your solar enterprises.

Process Development
Our team is fully qualified to develop new production processes in co-operation with equipment manufacturers and solar cell producers. We offer to lead projects for process development. Verification and proof of concept are carried out on pilot production line in Germany.
We offer measuring and characterization services for crystalline solar cell as well as amorphous silicon and CIGS thin film solar cell technology. With the help of the measured data we derive the limiting factors in solar cells. Subsequently we evaluate production process and assist in optimizing production line. 
Ramp Up
Our experts support ramp up of a new production line to the final output in efficiency, throughput, and yield. We facilitate a smooth transition from the hook-up phase to a regular and stable day-to-day operation. We ensure that you achieve the best possible solar cell efficiency and yield with your production equipment and thereby guarantee sustainable success.
Line Optimization
In-depth knowledge about the newest developments in the production process and profound experience in how to push existing production lines to its limits, our engineers can supplement your in-house technology team and provide technical expertise and project management skills.
Our partners use commercially available simulation tools as well as proprietary software to help interpreting measured solar cell data. The simulation professionals closely work together with the measuring team. Our goal is to use simulated results to thoroughly understand the limiting factors of the solar cell efficiency and to optimize single process steps.
We offer a variety of training courses to qualify engineers and technicians for solar cell production, troubleshooting, and process improvements. Training can be arranged on-site location or at our associates in Germany.