LED Lighting

Luminaid develops, supplies and installs a range of high quality LED lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and urban applications. The company provides a complete and integrated energy efficient lighting solutions. Light quality, reduced costing structure, increased life cycle and energy efficiency are some of the benefits of Luminaid products.

Indoor LED Lighting
Good quality lighting contributes to a great extent to the welfare, safety and productivity of the workforce within the workplace. Productivity and performance can also be linked to lighting such as factories or show rooms. The need to have an adapted and specific indoor lighting solution is vital for the performance of a business.

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Outdoor LED Lighting
Bright dazzling street lighting can form a danger for traffic. Vehicle drivers can be blinded, causing them to make errors of judgement that can lead to life-threatening situations. The change in lighting conditions when driving into a tunnel can also lead to great risks because it is difficult for our eyes to adjust quickly enough to the different lighting conditions.
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Explosion proof LED Lighting
Explosion-proof LED lighting solutions offer improved vision and safety in industrial areas where the danger of explosion is higher due to the nature of the activity. Luminaid explosion-proof products are used on a large scale in mines, oil fields and also in smaller industrial applications where highly inflammable and explosive substances are present.
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